Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quill #115 - the Workshop

45 students, 7 teachers, 3 librarians, 3 assistants and 25 classes later, we can say it was mostly successful.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


You can change the world for better or worse but,
in a thousand years,
little girls will still be dreaming of princes
and little boys will still be dreaming of frogs.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Quill #114 - Inscription on a Stone (1982)

From the days when skies were blue,
So many eons gone,
From the time of mortal man,
When man did still belong,
And from Earth before the Quake,
And yet, before the end,
We bring a message to your world,
The last that we may send.

The five of us, from colonies,
Spread across the Way,
Have come to tell Humanity
That all is not astray.
For though the ancient civilized
Exist no longer now,
They left with us a ray of hope
Which we, to you, endow.

It is a Child, a single Child,
Born of the Human race,
To give you joy and youthfulness
In a world so filled with age.
For at a time when life is death,
The lights of Heaven gray,
This Child will guide you through the night,
Unto a brighter day.

A beacon skyward is our sign
To pass the Babe to you,
Sing out unto your dying land
The praise of life anew.
Tell all others of the hope,
A life with which to grow.
Take care, remember what we say.
Fare well, for then we go.

(public domain image)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quill #113 - holiday pictures 2010

The Grinch didn't steal our holidays.

Quill #112 - Merry Christmas!

Mom's Christmas cookies were the highlight of every winter holiday. In this picture, I had just been in my school pageant, accounting for the bad makeup and odd dress. My brothers and I posed for a rare photo together, snapped by Mom.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quill #111 - Cocoa & Carols

Our daughter was a performer in her university's choral recital this year, a family yuletide holiday festival. This recital was, without a doubt, the most uplifting and enjoyable holiday sing-fest I've ever attended. She was only a small part of the activities, but the performances were so strong that I would gladly have given four standing ovations rather than the one permitted at the end of the concert.

Both my children are vocalists and I've been to a lot of concerts, some where my extremely talented kids were featured, a few where my son was almost the lead vocalist in the entire performance. Therefore, do not take it lightly when I say that this show was amazing. If you get a chance to attend a University of Nebraska performance this year, please do.