Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quill #99 - Gift Ideas for Lean Years - Fingerless Gloves (Steampunk style)

Steampunk is all the rage. My daughter keeps asking me for fingerless gloves. I can, and probably will, crochet some for her, but I found a trash-to-treasures quick fix for her until I get around to crocheting a pair.

In our house, we have an abundance of unpaired and holey socks, many of them in black, brown, navy and tan colors. For fingerless mitts - sans thumbhole - just cut off the entire foot from the cuffs from a matching pair of socks. Voila! Wrist warmers.

If you want a thumb slot, cut the foot to just above the heel, where you can cut straight across and have the fabric even. Cut a side slit into the fabric below the cuff for the thumb to go through.

Embellish the cuff with buttons, if you please. Sew lace onto the snipped end for a longer glove and for beauty. Edge the thumb slot with blanket or ornamental stitching. And, if these wear out, it's an item you likely would have thrown out, anyway, and is easy to replace.

I might even make a pair for myself.

(image borrowed, as an example of a good Steampunk fingerless glove, from Kaboodle)


  1. My sister gave me yarn, needles, and a pattern for fingerless mittens last year for my birthday. Of course, I started them and then didn't have time to finish. She took the stuff back and finished them for me - I just got them back today. I can't wait to wear them!
    Janet K.

  2. I really like the steampunk style of dress. I'm not crazy about the fictional era or the stories set in that era, but I like the fashions.

  3. Randy and I have decided to go steam punk next Halloween and thanks for the great idea!