Friday, August 13, 2010

Quill #25 - Poe'er (2010)

Free verse or rhyme,
Rhyme or free verse,
Which is the better?
Which is the worse?

Most of my teachers,
Most of the times,
Said, "It's not poetry
Unless it rhymes!"

Those that rate free verse
As poetry, too,
Think themselves 'lightened,
Diviners of true.

This little dog'grel
Will not mend a fence
'Tween those that want either
To make better sense.

Symbology rules
In the p. p. o. view.
You might as well spell
'Leaves of Grass' I. O. U.

We're not going to solve this
Ridiculous fight
Till God reaches down
To put out the light.

Suffice it to say that,
Whatever you use,
You're likely unpaid
And seeking a muse.