Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quill #7 - From That Day Forward (2001)

They drove us to a tiny junction
Where water and sky and city
All met at once
On a uniform patch of white rocks.
And the overlap was such a sublimation
From city to nature
That the epiphany disarmed us,
Tom with me,
My sister with Tom's friend,
Both men warriors,
Strict among others,
But free with us
At that moment,
And we free with them.
We women,
In our breathable pants,
Stuck toes in cold water,
And fell in.
And their laughter overflowed,
But was gentle,
Kind, not cruel,
Tender and warm,
Like the coats they wrapped around us
Till our own raiment dried.
Then was the day he decided
What I'd already known,
That man and nature could not live apart
Without the loss of both.
We married the next September.
But his humor,
And the love in his eyes
Throughout our lives together,
Was his vow.

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