Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quill #9 - Footsteps (1994)

Jack Sprat's wife had heart
Troubles, became diabetic
From his cigarettes, her fatty diet.
Hypochondria, Medicine called it,
She lost over a hundred pounds in ten.
(Weeks! Thin is in.)

Cancer grew in her hands and knees;
denied insulin, passed sugar for six years,
Several doctors ignored her asthmatic pleas;
Nurse finally saw pain screaming through the tears.
(Angels of Mercy, preserve her!)

Jack took his habit outside then,
Till two sons moved back to the pumpkin,
Brought their young, motherless children with them,
And, exhibiting no intrinsic consideration,
Grown men trailed camel turds all over tarnation.
(Gotta be a man!)

When Jack & Sons dropped her skeleton six feet under
Every orphaned grandchild mourned a beloved lost mother.
A single watcher's thoughts were bitter,
Daughter-in-law, married to Jack Junior,
With grown sons beginning to take over
(Xeroxed chain-puffers like their father),
Dogging Mrs. Sprat ashes to ashes.

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