Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miracle Needed, Desperately.

I have only met Zailin once and do not know his family well. The family members who offer him a place to stay when he visits Omaha for medical treatment are dear friends of mine. That is how I have become interested in Zailin and his family.

I have been told that Zailin's time is drawing to an end. The tumor has always been inoperable, but now their time is short, too. There is no power on earth that can save this little boy, or his family.

His parents have asked for healing. If you believe in the power of spirit, of prayer, of anything outside yourself, please ask for healing for Zailin and his family. Only a miracle can save them.

Please help heal Zailin and his family.


  1. A terminal illness in anyone, especially a child is very sad. As a parent I can't imagine the pain they're going through.

  2. Makes me feel lucky and terribly sad at the same time. Thank you for coming by to see this post.

  3. I will include that beautiful little boy & his family in my prayers.
    I buried my 6 ft 4 1/2 in. "baby" boy on Sept 3rd.He was 13 days into his 18th year just started his senior year of high school.
    The pain & grief his parents & family members are feeling will be the worst thing imaginable.
    That pain is all consuming.

  4. They had to come to Omaha last night. Zailin's getting worse, daily. The steroids meant to keep the swelling down and handle the headaches are making him gain weight rapidly (he used to be tiny, now he's bigger than Alyrica) and causing him to be angry and violent most of the time. Born with a definite stubborn streak, this has only gotten worse so that his parents can't encourage him to do anything (whether eating something other than hot dogs and ramen noodles, going to see or play with friends, or do anything other than watch the batman shows we let him borrow). His speech, which was never quite fully formed, got to a peak of understanding at the end of last year during their extended stay with us during treatments...but since this summer has rapidly gotten worse. Now he can hardly be understood...another trigger for his frustration. Yesterday, he woke up and couldn't move his left hand and arm. He could only make a claw. So they brought him here. They were here till 4am waiting to find out that, of course, it was just the tumor acting up. We're into the thick of it now...but so thankful for the good times we've had with him before the tumor started taking over.