Friday, September 3, 2010

Quill #45 - Fashions (2010)

I tried to help a young girl today.
She was sad and I tried to cheer her.
I didn't know that she wanted to cry,
Rail against fate, and throw her anger
Like shoes aimed toward minds.
My words inflamed her to greater sorrow,
Which befuddled me, confused.
I don't remember choosing emotions
As a monthly runway statement,
A daily garment of ennui.
Dramatic clothing, yes,
Not a cloak of drama,
Reactions but not confabulations.
I left her alone rather than argue.
That made her happier than I had.
She couldn't wait to complain how she was lonely.


  1. Was this intentionally put in wingding? My computer's been acting wierd, so I have to ask.

  2. One of my friends told me I always sound tired or bored when talking over the phone. He said my voice is like 'le petit ennui'. I always liked the term, but not when referring to my voice. And I still don't like talking on the phone.

  3. Tried to fix it from the wingdings, Cap'n. Let me know if this is any better.