Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quill #67 - Matter (2010, for Rae)

Her name, though pretty,
Didn't matter.
She was beautiful,
Both body and spirit,
Didn't matter.
She was talented and smart
And that mattered,
But those weren't the
They just helped her express what
Really was important
About her life,
About everything.
Being religious intrigued her,

Believing in God was vital to her.
And these things helped her deal,
So they mattered,
But they were only

Tools she
Needed to keep going.

And she knew
What mattered in her life.

She was an inspiration
To keep others from despair.
Her spirit was the
Crux of the matter,
And still is.
She's alive.
Thank God!
And she matters.

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