Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quill #54 - Legends (1979)

I have heard of a time when the sun stood still and the stars reversed their course.

I have read of when the earth and sky were not two different parts.

I know of a place where, long ago, the sun set in the east.

I am told that time spins 'round itself, and that everything repeats.

[inspired by _Worlds_In_Collision_ by Immanuel Velikovsky]


Vision (1980)

Candles nestle in stone encasements nailed into a wall,
As corners hide the beings that are locked into their shattered ageless pasts,
Trapped within the mirror image illusions of themselves,
Reflections casting eerie shadows down the endless hall.
It is dark, for the night unfolds their stormy ends,
And turns what was and will be into now.
All ancient err and future ill is naught.
For time is an infinity.
The circle never stops.


[inspired by my emo period in life]

[pictures 1-3, taken of a local theater by me. picture #4, stock photo of pyramids.]

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