Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quill #63 - Skunk Haiku (2002)


  1. Your blog is fun to read :)

    I'd like to sell my daddy bag around 50$ (including shipping). It's made out of tough fabric and lined inside. Your little guy would still be able to use it when he stops playing daddy. All the accessories are handmade as well. I also figured a way to make a fun felt wipe case yesterday!

    Hope to ear from your soon! :)

  2. Andréann, thank you. I commented on your blog about the bag. It's really an adorable idea. You might consider making the bag part for adult fathers, too. I've been shopping for diaper bags and there are some leather ones on a site I viewed for about $55-60. The advantage to yours would be - I think - that it would be washable.

  3. How funny! I should have mentioned the size. I think it would be a tad too small for a grown-up Daddy :P It's 9"x6" with a 20" strap. But you know what? I'd be happy to make a you a grown up one as well! I've just looked at what I had left of the blue fabric and I have enough.

    http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=354862.msg4149614#msg4149614 ...this is the one I made for myself. not very masculin though!