Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quill #46 - Gaming Poetry: Ring City & Dark Ring Cycle (1981)


A shadow in the dark
That other shadows fear,
A breath to blow the loudest horn
Though not be heard by ears,
A dream to bind realities
That never seems to pass,
A blade to shear the deepest fog
Yet cannot bend the grass,
And evergreen to fallen leaves,
An age that never ends,
A king among the ancient ones,
The law that never bends,
A bird that flies from house to house
And yet no feather owns,
But when the fire of day is gone,
The comes the light unknown.



When at last all shadows flee
And one light left to burn,
The dream shall waken those in peace
To knowledge they must learn.

One ring alone awaits the call
To save one ring from fate,
The chosen heir to fire's ring
Shall open trouble's gate.

An offspring of two kindred
The fire shall grow from hate,
But light and fire are lovers
And so the light shall mate.

And when the light and fire are one
Both kindreds shall unite,
The peace that was will always be
When all shall know the light.


  1. What amazes me is how difficult it was to get every gaming group except the first one to understand this and other setups.