Friday, October 1, 2010

Quill #70 - Moore on my Mind (2010)

(with apologies to Christopher Moore)

"I keep telling you, Babd,"
She whined resignedly,
"It's just not as good as ham."
She sighed again, barely able to remember.
"And New Meat was mostly gone
By the time we got back to him."
Babd chewed thoughtfully.
The sisters grimly pulled another
Bone from the mostly bare corpse,
Cracked it open for marrow,
And slurped the essence companionably.
Even sewer harpies didn't have to fight,
Ham or not, New Meat was better than rat.
"Next time," Babd wheedled,
Conceding one point,
"No Bummer!"
All three ravens nodded.

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  1. Everybody should read this. And the Moore book too.