Friday, October 8, 2010

Quill #76 - Halloween Memories #2

I was very little, fewer than five years old. My middle brother was under two, just old enough to walk with a hand but still mostly carried. Mom and Dad decided we'd brave the slightly icy streets for a brief trick-or-treat walk around the neighborhood.

On our way to the first house, Mom slipped on a short flight of stone steps and cracked her ankle. Somehow, we all managed to hobble home, where Mom spent the next week with her legs elevated. I'm pretty sure that was the first time I had seen my mother in bed in the daytime.


  1. Hmm. I think I can guess why you remembered this one just now.

  2. I remember a similar incident with my own mother. Except it wasn't Halloween. I believe she was walking us to the bus stop.

  3. I don't know if we're of similar ages. It was a very disconcerting problem for me, then. I remember that, even though I knew she was injured, I kept wanting her to get up. I guess I wasn't a very sympathetic child.