Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quill #91 - Every family has one...

My parents, grandmother, middle brother and I were walking down an Omaha city sidewalk toward the optometrist's office where I was supposed to get new glasses. I was twelve or so, which meant my brother was about ten, old enough to not have his hand held constantly. He fell somewhat behind the rest of us and nobody really noticed or worried, assuming he was following along as he should.

My grandma started noticing, first, and then my parents, that every person walking the opposite way was giving us dirty looks, staring at us with outright hatred in their eyes. Puzzled, Grandma looked behind us and discovered Bro
walking as if crippled, using other behaviors to suggest a mentally challenged person, as well. Everyone who passed us thought we were ignoring our poor handicapped child!

I don't know why he bent his intellect toward causing trouble, but he was always a master at that skill.

(images from Lolcats)


  1. OMG that's too funny. It's so true that everyone has the embarrassing one in the family. In my case, it was my dad! I couldn't even yell at him for being embarrassing!

  2. That is too funny!!! I had a co-worker that said she would mimic a "special" person occasionally. One day (before 911 and the airport blockages) her sister was leaving to go home from vacation and she started running towards them in her "special" run yelling: Don't leave me, I promise not to pee my pants any more!" in her "special" voice. Needless to say, her sister got a LOT of dirty looks lol.

  3. Tress, I'm sure my brothers think it's me. :)

    Cindi, your story is better than mine!

    Thank you both for reading!