Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quill #84 - Public Stocks (2010)

It was too good to last,
This Maudie from the past,
Though I still love my part,
I am suffering for my art.

The director's nice enough,
Though sometimes a bit gruff,
When he doesn't get his way
Every second of the play.

He thinks all should know his mind
And respond to thoughts in kind
By moving just the way he wants.
If you don't, he gives you grunts.

The he yells to drop the books
And proceeds to give us looks,
Tells us, "Just walk over here."
"You, there, don't come near."

And instructions never given
Become cats that must be driven,
When it's all reality,
One he first refused to see,

That dealing with child actors
Requires patience, other factors,
Like directions, blocked on stages,
Or else children just learn pages.

And they stand in place, refraining
From any rudeness, that's good training.
But the cast is just confused;
All the pleasant ones amused,

At this train wreck of rehearsal.
Many sane ones want reversal
Of their membership in Bird,
But we gave the man our word.

(pictures from lolcats and royalty-free images online)

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