Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quill #88 - Halloween Memories #8

Our first Halloween, as parents, we lived in an apartment complex in Denver. Peregrin was taking AIT to learn electronics calibration and repair at Lowry Air Force Base. I'm sure a lot of our neighbors thought we were after candy, but we really just wanted to show off our special little kid.

"Spooky's" third Halloween, he really wanted to be Liono from a cartoon called Thundercats. We found clothing and accessories that worked, but Peregrin bought a red clown's wig and molded it into the distinctive Liono sweep. He did a great job, though few of our base neighbors knew who Liono was. The fourth Halloween, if I remember right, was He-Man. Again, we made a costume that outdid anything storebought.

Spooky gave us enough practice, over the years, that it really wasn't abnormal for us to do similar costumes for Kyrie. Unfortunately, we have few pictures of either of them on holidays.

I think the best costume was made the year I sewed a yellow Pikachu outfit for Kyrie. Peregrin made the lightning-bolt-shaped tail stand out exactly like the cartoon. And then, I cross-stitched all of Ash's patches for Spooky to wear inside a vest.

They were in the Halloween parade that year, marching side-by-side as Pikachu and Ash. I wish we had kept that costume rather than donating it to Goodwill when she outgrew it. But, who knew Pokemon would still be popular when I'd have a grandson to wear it again?


  1. Thunder cats!! OMG! Love it.

    Pokemon will probably still be popular when your grandchildren have children. I don't know how I feel about that exactly.

  2. Kyrie stopped watching the show when they expanded past the first 150 pokemon, which was ages ago. Second or third season? She's still disgruntled about them ruining the cartoon for her, but I think you're right now. It's the cartoon that never ends.

    That picture was taken at her school with some of her friends. If you look closely, you can see the tail sticking out behind her. I really wish I had gotten a picture of her and her brother together in costume, but I'm lucky to even have this one.

  3. I remember Thundercats! I know how you feel about the donating -- I donated so many things I made the kids and now that I have a grandson, I wish I had some of those things back, but heck, he gets all new!