Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quill #81 - Halloween Memories #4

My middle brother was visiting me at college. We were walking together through the alleys and city streets near my off-campus apartment. It was dark and cold, but not particularly late. We were bundled up in jackets and gloves and just being companionable, for once.

We passed the exit of a bar just as three soused college students came out. For some reason, they encircled me and started teasing, not letting me pass. I grew angry, mostly upset that they were spoiling a rare fun time with my brother. I pulled off one of my soft fuzzy mittens and began flapping it across the face of the ringleader, several times. It probably tickled him, but did no harm. I think I was also furiously repeating, "Let me go, right now!"

He laughed, threw up his hands and backed away, nodding to his friends to release me. I hooked arms with my brother and we continued onward, leaving the amused threesome behind. I don't know if Bro was looking at me with respect or borderline horror, but he seemed impressed that I had stood my ground (as if I had a choice) armed with only my gumption and a white cloth glove.


  1. Most cowards will back off a bit when they see that they face some resistance! I'm glad that you came out of it OK...and that you got to spend a little good time with your brother!

  2. You're right. And, even though I think they were just playing, I was lucky to come out of it without harm. Thanks, HermitJim! :)